Home Assessment & Demonstration 

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Are you looking for a new manual or powered wheelchair?

  • We have many years of experience

  • Assessing your mobility needs

  • Seating assessment, Pressure care and additional supports

  • No need to travel "as we come to you"

  • Great selection to choose from 

  • Joint clinical assessments

  • Strong working relationships with case managers

Mobility Home Assessment & Demonstration Service

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Unsure what type of manual or powered wheelchair to look for? 

We have a great selection to choose from, folding lightweight wheelchairs to the very complex powered wheelchairs that offer more functionality, greater pressure relief, manoeuvrability and performance to use both indoors and out. 

We have a great selection of manual wheelchairs ranging from paediatric and adult passive tilt "n" space chairs to lightweight and ultra lightweight active folding and rigid wheelchairs, making them the ideal solution for users who find everyday mobility challenging yet want to remain independent. 

We also carry out joint clinical assessments alongside case managers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other clinical professionals working together to find the the best solution for their client's needs.

We can also offer joint home visits with WAV's (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) suppliers, giving you piece of mind that you've tried both manual or powered wheelchair together with the vehicle of your choice.   

Assessment Process

For Your Mobility Comfort & Lifestyle

We would like to provide a FREE no-obligation demonstration and seating assessment which will include:

  • An evaluation of your existing seating, and identify aspects that need to be addressed to achieve greater posture and comfort 

  • A full demonstration of appropriate equipment – including setting up fitting and adjusting of the manual or powered wheelchair to suit your clinical needs.


Firstly we'll look at all of your requirements:

  • Access in and around your home

  • How you transfer 

  • Talk about your posture and sitting balance 

  • Look at pressure care relief, wheelchair cushions and backs also accessories if required

  • Look at the many different seating functions available to you

  • Take all of your seating measurements 

  • Look at the different drive types of manual or powered wheelchairs 

  • Look at balance and stability (C.O.G) Centre of Gravity same on manual wheelchairs

  • How are you going to control your powerchair? options from occupant mounted either on the left or right hand side, dual control for use either by occupant or family member with a secondary joystick mounted at the back of the chair,

  • For client's that require more complex driving we can custom build secondary input devices from Switching to Chin, Head or Centre mount control  

  • We can also discuss the many different options available to you if you'd like to transport your manual or powered wheelchair in your vehicle or you need information on (WAV's) Wheelchair Accessible vehicles 



  • After carrying out our assessment we will go through the options available to you. 

  • Once your happy with our recommendations and want to proceed with your order, we will request payment in full or minimum 50% deposit once received we will then process to manufacture your product.

  • Keeping you updated along the way.


  • Arrange delivery

  • Final fit adjust seating to suit

  • Go through the different functions

  • Handover test drive

  • Adjust driving profile 

  • Charging procedure 

  • Taking care of your new product 

  • Complete paperwork & collect any outstanding balance

  • Explain about our aftersales support