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Ki Mobility 5VX2

Ki Mobility

Bespoke, custom adapted wheelchairs


Ki Mobility Ethos

Lightweight and ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs are available in many different shapes & styles to meet your lifestyle and everyday mobility.


Product Focus


Little Wave Arc
  • Centre of Gravity is shift for easier tilting

  • As the child grows, so does the Little Wave Arc

  • Lightest folding Tilt-In-Space Paediatric wheelchair

Little Wave "Arc"

Manual Wheelchairs


Finding the Right Fit
What makes a wheelchair extraordinary is how well it fits the needs and ambitions of the person using it. Our service and product lines ensure that each individual story matters.

Remain within Reach
We feel it is important that both our people and our products remain accessible and available to you. We strive to create a unique place in the market: offering you more than just best-in-class products. We are here to support you. To make it easier for you.

Better by Design

Ki Mobility Product Range

Need our assistance, can't decide what product is right for you? Contact our friendly team? E-mail or Give Us a Call Now!
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