Wheelchair Seating

Wheelchair Seating

We have a wide choice of wheelchair cushions and backrest to suit your seating requirements. From low, medium, high to very high risk pressure relief cushions and backrests.

Our range of pressure relieving cushions, backs and seating systems are designed to distribute pressure evenly over contact surfaces whilst being seated, and our cushions will help to prevent the occurrence of pressure sore(s) providing better postural support, comfort and pressure relief to a wide range of users, both Children and adults. 

Why do I need a pressure relief whilst seating?

For comfort, positioning and support, to relieve pressure and prevent pressure sores


The most common area's of the body that a wheelchair user is a risk of developing a pressure sore are:

  • Shoulder blades

  • Elbows

  • Sacrum

  • Ischial tuberosities

  • IIiac crest

  • Hip

  • Knee

  • Shin

  • Ankle 

  • Heel

What is a pressure sore?

A pressure sore can develop over any bony prominence where the tissue over that area has been staved of oxygen and once a pressure sore has developed the skin in that area will always be more susceptible to skin break-down.

Medical Wheelchair Cushions

We have a wide range of wheelchair cushions to Improve pressure distribution that offer greater stability and comfort, independence and freedom allowing the body to immerse itself in the cushion. Less immersion means less surface area to spread the load over and a smaller base of support for stability.

  • At Risk

  • High Risk - ​

  • Very High Risk-

'At Risk', 'High Risk' and 'Very High Risk' cushions are designed to prevent pressure ulcers from forming, 'Therapeutic' cushions are for patients who already have a pressure ulcer. A healthcare professional will be able to advice on the most appropriate cushion for your individual circumstances. You can read more information on pressure ulcers and their 'grade' here - www.nhs.uk/conditions/pressure-sores/.

Risk Levels

We carry out wheelchair seating assessments, and are able to supply the most appropriate wheelchair cushion or back support for you.

Choose from Std Foam, Gel or Air flotation cushion to prevent skin breakdown that could lead to pressure ulcers. 
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