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Wheelchair Seating

Our Wheelchair Seating

Our Seating range is ideal for those looking for a comfortable and supportive seating solution. Our range of pressure relieving cushions, backs and seating systems are designed to distribute pressure evenly over contact surfaces whilst being seated, helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores.
Our cushions provide better postural support, comfort and pressure relief to a wide range of users, both Children and adults. Our range of Wheelchair Seating options are designed to fit all types of wheelchairs,

allowing you to find the perfect solution for your individual needs.

Wheelchair seating




We carry out wheelchair seating assessments, and are able to supply the most appropriate wheelchair cushion or back support for you.

Choose from Std Foam, Gel or Air flotation cushion to prevent skin breakdown that could lead to pressure ulcers. 
Need our assistance, can't decide what product is right for you? Contact our friendly team? E-mail or Give Us a Call Now!
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