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Walkers / Rollators

Walkers and Rollators: Bringing You Comfort and Stability

from Custom Mobility At Home Ltd.

At Custom Mobility At Home Ltd, we understand the importance of movement and the impact it has on our customers’ lives. We provide a wide range of walking aids to ensure that our customers can remain independent and mobile. Our walkers and rollators are specially designed to fit our customers individual needs and provide them with the support they need to improve their quality of life. Our goal is to help our clients to be able to move freely and safely.

Walkers & Rollators from Custom Mobility @ Home provide a safe and comfortable way to get around. Our lightweight, folding walkers are easy to store and come in both 3 and 4 wheeled models. Our upright rehabilitation stand tall walkers are perfect for those needing extra support while standing. For those who love the outdoors, our all terrain walkers offer the perfect solution for any terrain or environment.

Server W Forearm Upright Walker

Did You Know?

The benefits from using the

Server W Forearm Upright Walker

  • Enables you to remain upright Stand Tall 

  • Supports the forearms and upper trunk

  • Lightweight foldable walker

  • Excellent product for rehabilitation 

RRP £399.00 

OUR PRICE  £339.00 Ex VAT

with FREE Delivery & Set Up throughout the Northwest.

Walkers / Rollators 

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