Personal Wheelchair Budget.

Personal Wheelchair Budget 

The Wheelchair Voucher Scheme has changed and is now called a Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB).

A PWB offers a wide choice for wheelchair users. These are available from your local wheelchair assessment centre.

If you are eligible for a wheelchair a clinician to identify what you want to achieve with your wheelchair.  You will be prescribed an NHS wheelchair and be told the cost of this provision. This is your Personal Wheelchair Budget.

You have the following choices on how to use your PWB:

  • NHS Provision (National) - to accept the wheelchair prescribed to meet your needs. The wheelchair will remain the property of the NHS.

  • Top-Up Alternative Wheelchair - to upgrade to an alternative model of wheelchair within the NHS range. The wheelchair will remain the property of the NHS.

  • Top-Up Accessories - to add additional features to the wheelchair provided with help of the clinician. The wheelchair and any additional features will remain the property of the NHS.

  • Third Party PWB - to choose a model of wheelchair outside of the NHS range, provided it meets your needs, from an independent mobility provider.

The value of your budget will vary as the amount reflects the cost of basic wheelchair

suitable for your needs.

By accepting the Third Party PWB you are in control of your wheelchair choice, and you will own the wheelchair.

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Third Party Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB).

Step 1 

Referral by your Doctor, Occupational Therapist, and other professional bodies


At your assessment you will be advised which budgets you are eligible for. With a rapidly changing medical condition it may be more appropriate to stay with the notional PWB options in order for the NHS to support your needs as they change.

Third Party PWB

  • You will be given an amount which is the same value as your prescribed NHS wheelchair together with a one off payment to cover repair and maintenance costs that you will be responsible for arranging. 


  • The wheelchair you choose will have to meet your mobility and postural needs and be in the same category as the chair prescribed, e.g. manual or powered.


  • The Wheelchair Service needs to approve your choice before purchase. A PWB cannot be issued

       retrospectively i.e. you cannot buy a wheelchair and then ask for your PWB.​

  • You can use your PWB towards a wheelchair purchased via an independent provider outside of the NHS. It needs to be in the same category as the one you would be entitled to from the NHS

  • If pressure relieving cushions, postural/special seating is required this is provided by the NHS, your chosen wheelchair must be compatible with the accessories provided.

  • Contribution from you: The difference between the PWB value and the wheelchair you choose

  • A contribution will be included in the final budget calculation; as the owner of a private wheelchair you will be responsible for repairs

Longevity of Equipment

A typical adult wheelchair lasts a minimum of 5 years, for children changes are needed more often as they grow, usually 2-3 years. This may also be the case with some clients whose clinical needs change rapidly. 

Different Types of Manual Wheelchairs

ICON 40 front right.png

Lightweight Attendant Push Wheelchairs

ICON 40 front right (2).png

Lightweight Self Propelled Wheelchairs


Lightweight / Ultra Lightweight Active User Wheelchairs

Lightweight / Ultra Lightweight Active User Wheelchairs

Catalyst 5-Hero.jpg
Little Wave Arc - Color Combos - Granny Smith - Granny Smith - Silver_edited.jpg

Paediatric Comfort Rehab Wheelchair  


Lightweight Paediatric Self Propelled Wheelchairs


Adult Comfort Rehab Wheelchair


Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs

Custom Mobility @ Home are able to assist you with the many different wheelchair options available to you

through the Third Party PWB.

Personal Wheelchair Budget If you wish to use your NHS (PWB) voucher towards the purchase of wheelchair please get in touch to book your appointment. 

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