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Introducing the iGo Lite, the ultimate powerchair that seamlessly combines exceptional indoor manoeuvrability with unparalleled outdoor performance, offering the best of both worlds!

Designed for convenience, the iGo Lite is incredibly easy to fold into a compact shape, making it perfect for storage and transportation. With a turning radius of just 35 inches, this powerchair effortlessly navigates through tight and compact spaces with ease.

Powered by 12ah lithium batteries, the iGo Lite offers an impressive range of 9.6 miles on a full charge, ensuring you can go the extra mile without any worries.

Rest assured, the iGo Lite will be delivered to you fully serviced and ready to go, accompanied by a user manual and battery charger for your convenience. Get ready to experience the perfect balance of indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance with the iGo Lite.

Pride iGo Lite Carbon & Aluminium (2023)

  • 2023

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