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Used Mobility Scooters & Electric Powered Wheelchair Specialists

  • Our used mobility scooters & electric powered wheelchairs are in Nearly New Condition

  • Free Nationwide Delivery

  • 1 month's free insurance 

  • 3 Month Fully Comprehensive Warranty (Option to extend up to 36 months)​

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Making your freedom affordable, with prices typically 50% less

than you would expect to pay for a brand new one. 

We're here to provide you with top quality mobility scooters or electric powered wheelchairs

at a reasonable and affordable price.


A wheelchair that has the ability to move easily within its environment; where the wheels are in the perfect spot so that young people can use all of their strength and leverage to their advantage. Imagine...a wheelchair that has the ability to change and grow long with the person who is using it; yet it is extremely light, simple to use and easy to transport.


You don't have to imagine. It's a reality. Little Wave

Ki Mobility - Little Wave "Click"

  • System Hidden inside your Little Wave, the simple, yet ingenious, Crescent CG system keeps the side frame free of excess hardware while providing infinite adjustability. It is this infinite adjustability that allows for CG positioning anywhere along the side frame without interference with the backrest hardware or aftermarket seating system

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