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Used Mobility Scooters & Electric Powered Wheelchair Specialists

  • Our used mobility scooters & electric powered wheelchairs are in Nearly New Condition

  • Free Nationwide Delivery

  • 1 month's free insurance 

  • 3 Month Fully Comprehensive Warranty (Option to extend up to 36 months)​

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Making your freedom affordable, with prices typically 50% less

than you would expect to pay for a brand new one. 

We're here to provide you with top quality mobility scooters or electric powered wheelchairs

at a reasonable and affordable price.

A unique paediatric wheelchairSpark is designed to be used with virtually any clinically prescribed seating system.Transport Weight: 17.5 lbs.*Form Adds Function


The unique contour of the Spark’s backrest increases the usable depth of the seating system by allowing the seat to move underneath the back by an extra 2”.


This innovative design also comes with 32° of built-in angle-adjustability and the ability to change the depth by 4”, in 1” increments.Simplicity is catchingWith a clean, ergonomic, easy-to-release latch, the chair folds into an incredibly small package and opens again witha snap! Spark uses an aesthetically pleasing frame extender keeping the length of the frame shorter and stronger and making the chair more manageable for the user and carer.


Direct Mount HangersOur new 70°, 80° and 90° hangers have been redesigned to allow for very short leg lengths. With a minimum footrest length of 3 3⁄4” and adjustments in 1⁄2” increments, the best hanger in the industry now works great for kids!

Ki Mobility - Spark Folding Tilt "n" Space

    • Spark is designed to be used with virtually any clinically prescribed seating system.
    • Form Adds Function
    • Easier On The Eye
    • Simplicity Is Catching
    • Up-In-Arms
    • Front Frame Styles
    • 90° Extended Length Hanger
    • Maxx Performance Spoke
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