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Introducing the Greencare Electrically Powered Indoor Chair which we call the EP1C;

why? Because it is!


This dynamic lightweight powered wheelchair uses the highly acclaimed Greencare standard DB1 double brace frame fashioned from aircraft grade aluminum. It is designed primarily for indoor use but has some outdoor capability for use in shopping centres, hospitals and schools.


This chair, with super compact turning circle, is for occupants up to 125kg in weight and weighs a mere 41kg including batteries and motors with the heaviest single component being the frame with motors at 28kg. In terms of weight and performance nothing else comes close.


The chair even folds with the batteries in place so is ideal for locations where space is at a premium.


This little power house of a chair has 200watt motors and has the very latest control technology from Dynamics that uses LiNX management which is programmable from a phone.


Many additional features from the Greencare Accessories Range can be added to make sure the chair meets the need of each individual user.


The EP1C is designed and produced to the highest standards in the UK giving peace of mind from combining mobility with reliability.



Greencare Ultra Compact Indoor / Outdoor Powered Wheelchair

£1,949.00 Regular Price
£1,895.00Sale Price
    • Seat Width: 15", 17", 18"/ 380mm, 430mm, 460mm
    • Seat Depth: 15" or 17" / 380mm or 430mm
    • Standard Push Handle Height: 35.5" / 900mm
    • Seat Back Height: 19" / 480mm
    • Standard Seat to Ground Height
    • Weight Capactity: Rated for users up to 125kg
    • Max Speed: 4 mph / 6.4 km/h
    • Maxiumum Safe Slope: 10°
    • Motor Power: 200w
    • Weight: 28kg (Without Batteries) / 41kg (With Batteries)
    • Turning Circle: 1640mm - 1800mm
    • Battery Life Cycle Unladen: 17.4 miles / 28km
    • Battery Life Cycle Under Load: 7.7 miles / 12.5km
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