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 Wheelchair Seating & Posture Care Solutions

Wheelchair seating varies in design, construction and how they function. It is a very individualised choice for each wheelchair user to choose the correct pressure relieving cushion or backrest.


One of our suppliers is company called FormAlign who are able to help wheelchair users find the right seating that meet their needs to live life to the full.


There components-based system can be created and adapted just for you when you need it.

Our wheelchair seating specialists are ready to assist you – let’s create yours today!


Wheelchair backrests

Wheelchair backrests

Designed with everyone in mind

Modular backrests with unique adjustability.

Wheelchairs seat cushions

Wheelchair cushions for pressure care & posture care.

Coming Soon Neon Light
Coming Soon Neon Light

High level
pressure care

Want to learn more, e-mail or give us a call!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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