Texible Wisbi Smart Bedwetting and Bed Exit Sensor Mat

Grey Bed with Quilt

The Texible Wisbi Smart Incontinence and Bed Exit Sensor Mat automatically detects bedwetting and bed exit, sending a notification to the caregiver via an app.


Texible Wisbi Smart Bedwetting and Bed Exit Sensor Mat

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Monitoring bedwetting of a loved one is often difficult and undignified. If that loved one also has dementia or is liable to fall out of bed, ensuring that they are safe is also challenging and time-consuming.

The innovative Texible Wisbi Home Smart Incontinence and Bed Exit Sensor Mat will detect if the bed has been wetted and send a notification via the free Texible app to the caregiver. This allows the caregiver to change the bedding as soon as possible, preventing pressure sores caused by laying on soiled sheets. The Smart Incontinence and Bed Exit Sensor Mat also detects if the person has left the bed, allowing the caregiver to monitor a loved one with dementia or someone at risk of falling out of bed.

The Texible Wisbi Smartphone app connects the bed pad control box to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. You can download the free app (suitable for both Android and Apple devices) and you will be able to see both the continence and occupancy status of your loved one at all times, wherever you are. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to carry on your day, or get a good night’s rest, without constantly stopping to check your loved one or worrying if they are ok.

For bed users who can toilet themselves, the app allows you to adjust the amount of time that your loved one is out of the bed before it alerts you, so that it only sends the caregiver a notification if the user has been out of bed for more than the normal time.

Texible Wisbi is hygienic, washable and very easy to use. The sensor mat can be machine washed at 95°c, and each mat has a lifetime of 100 washes. The pad will absorb up to 700ml/m², providing excellent absorption.

Benefits over an incontinence pad and floor alert mat combination

A floor alert mat can present several problems. Firstly it may be a trip hazard, as it will protrude from the user’s floor. Also, despite the wide range of floor alert mats now available, they may not match in with the décor of the room. And whilst a standard bed pad will absorb the incontinence, the caregiver will not know if the bed has been wetted without checking – which can be a time-consuming and undignified process.

However, the Texible Wisbi combines incontinence and bed exit monitoring into one easy and simple to use system. There are no trip hazards, and the caregiver can have peace of mind that the user is safely and comfortably in bed.

Benefits over other cheap incontinence monitors

Cheap incontinence monitors often have large control boxes and thick uncomfortable sheets. By contrast, the Texible Wisbi is a very thin mat with a small control box. There is no discernable difference for the bed user, maintaining their comfort and dignity at all times

Key Features

  • 2 in 1 – monitor both incontinence and bed exit at the same time

  • Free app – monitor from your phone wherever you are

  • Have constant peace of mind that your loved one is safe

  • Rectify incontinence as soon as it happens – prevent pressure sores caused by laying in urine

  • subtle design with no discernible difference – thin pad and small control unit maintains the user’s dignity

Additional information

  • Weight 0.4 kg

  • Size 37 x 14 x 9.5 cm​

  • Textile size 64cm x 100cm

  • Material

    • 67% cotton

    • 30% polyester

    • 3% polyurethane

  • Water absorption capacity up to 700ml / m2

  • Power supply 3xAA Mignon batteries

  • Battery life Approx. 2 years depending on the application

  • Radio and range

    • Eldat Easy Wave 868.3 Mhz

    • Up to 30m in the building, depending on

    • structural conditions

    • (up to 100m in the free field)

  • Washing recommendation

    • Washing 95 °

    • bleaching with oxygen allowed

    • tumble drying in general

    • ironing at medium temperature

    • Do not dry clean