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Introducing the Quickie Q100 R, an ultra-compact powerchair that effortlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor environments.

With its exceptional agility, the Q100 R excels in navigating tight spaces such as small shops, local GP offices, and supermarkets like Sainsbury's locals. It's equally adept at maneuvering outdoors, thanks to its patented SMART BASE technology that ensures your safety and stability at all times.

Equipped with 14" drive wheels and a low-impact kerb climber, this powerchair effortlessly tackles kerbs up to 100mm in height, even from a standing start or at low speeds.

Experience the true essence of a compact powerchair with remarkable outdoor performance. Whether you find yourself in a crowded city or craving the powerchair experience outdoors, this chair is designed to meet your every requirement.

With 55ah batteries, the Q100 R offers an impressive range of 19 miles on a full charge, giving you the peace of mind to comfortably explore those extra distances.

Rest assured, the Quickie Q100 R will be delivered to you fully serviced and ready to go, accompanied by a user manual and battery charger for your convenience.

Quickie Q100 R with Standard Seating (2019)

  • 2019

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